Shorthand Stenographer Course in Rawalpindi Rawat Saddar,Shorthand Stenographer Course in Rawalpindi Taxila Wah,international college of technical education in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,best shorthand stenographer institute in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,professional shorthand advance course in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,admission open for boys and girls new session start on 9 August 2020 certification acceptable in government job and worldwide International College of Technical Education.Head Office : Office # 27, Second Floor, Maryam Shadi Hall Plaza (Airies Plaza), Shamsabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan 0311-5193625, 0092-335-4176949,A person who records speech in shorthand and type the same is called stenographer. Stenographer job is suitable for both male and female. As the demand of Stenographer in government departments is greater as compare with private sector, therefore, we hereunder discuss the government sector mainly.There are two different ways of writing shorthand. The first you can write the strokes (words) individually and the second is by joining, it is useful and effective that you should use the second method because it is much easy and saves your time and increase your speed as well. Following is the example that how you can write the same dictation in 2 different ways.Shorthand is based on geometric forms, using straight lines and quarters of a circle at various angles. This allows precise and readable outlines to be formed, but does not prevent the shorthand also being easy and flowing to write.Shorthand is really an most effective, traditional skill for this ever changing world and fast moving life styles of our workplaces. It has significant role to play in our earning and achieving success. And the investment -simply a pencil,pen and must know how to use PC, MS office, particularly MS Word. Apart from this learn how to use email and using Scanner, Fax Machine, Note down the daily assigned work and timely completion, Keeping proper records of all addresses, contacts of daily use and so many simple things that require normal alertness. Just working with a senior for few weeks, you can learn this. It is easy.Introduction to ShorthandUnderstand the stenographyIntroduction to consonantsplacement of Long VowelsIntervening Vowels & position writingShort VowelsDiphthongsAbbreviated “w”PhraseographyCircle ‘S’ & ‘Z’Stroke “S” and “Z”Large Circle ‘SW’Large Circle ‘SS’ or ‘SZ’Loop ‘ST’ & ‘STR’Initial hooks to straight strokesInitial hooks to curvesAlternative forms for ‘Fr’ or ‘Vr’Circles or loops preceding initial hooksSHUN HOOKAspirateDistinguishing OutlinesThe Grammalogs and ContractionsPhonographic AlphabetsPhraseogramsAdvanced Speed Practice – Business Correspondencedo – Legal Correspondencedo – Secretarial Correspondenceand much, much more! College of Technical Education.Head Office :Office # 27, Second Floor, Maryam Shadi Hall Plaza (Airies Plaza), Shamsabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan 0311-5193625, 0092-335-4176949