Quantity Surveyor Course in Rahimyar Khan Mandi Bahauddin,Quantity Surveyor Course in Peshawar Bannu,international college of technical education offer quantity surveyor course in peshawar bannu 03115193625, best quantity surveyor advance practical training course in peshawar bannu, professional quantity surveyor course in peshawar bannu kpk, admission open for boys and girls new session started coming soon, certification accpetable in government job and worldwide Quantity Surveying deals with estimating and managing construction costs to ensure value for money, while meeting the required building standards and quality at the same time.Diploma in Construction program you’ll learn about construction principles and methods, building legislation, conflict management, contract conditions and administration, environmental sustainability and how to quantify and estimate material and labour costs.This course equips the participant with practical skills to manage all costs relating to the building, adhere to statutory building regulations and enhance the value for money while achieving the required standards and quality.This program is intended to provide you with the clear understanding of quantity surveying methods and practices. The objective of the course is to explain the fundamental principles of estimating, costing, tendering, and also to give you a clear understanding of construction contracts and the principles and procedures involved in the financial administration of contracts.A quantity surveyor course is a path for any individual who is willing to specialize in the quantity surveying and construction departments. The quantity surveyor courses online are best suited for students who wish to be a part of the top and middle management of a construction company. course leads the students to achieve the knowledge and skills that are essential to practice in the work field.From past three decades there has been an increasing demand for the Qualified Professional Quantity Surveyors.The person who practices Quantity surveying profession is known as a Quantity Surveyor or in short qs.The role of a Quantity Surveyor and the Job of the Quantity Surveyor has got more importance in pre construction, during construction and post construction stage in CIVIL and MEP Services Departments, especially in the construction Industry. Hence, the role of professional Quantity Surveyor and field of Quantity Surveying has become more popular in these years and in coming future.The Objective of this Course is to produce outstanding construction technology and management trainee who have been prepared to become technological, managerial and public service leaders capable of understanding the social and environmental challenges that face the country, and who will be in a position to make a meaningful contribution to both national social and economic growth.Finishing works Quantities take off like, brick work Quantity, Plastering Quantity, flooring of various types and its Quantity calculation and how to take the Quantity of painting, wood works, water proofing etc.Once we complete the Quantity Calculation part, we shall train the students in preparing the weekly Bill, Monthly Bills for the contractors, Sub contractors and client Billing, checking , verification and certification etc. The quantity surveyor course mainly highlights its contents on the fundamentals of construction engineering and focus more on the estimation, planning and evaluating of the costs in construction The primary role of the construction quantity surveyor is as follows:Estimating, assessing and planning costsHandling, monitoring, managing and overseeing the project managementHandling tender management, risk management, claims and disputes in the construction and advising the teamCost valuationControlling and operating team division in the project