Quantity Surveyor Course in Gujar Khan Jhelum,Quantity Surveyor Course in Bagh Muzaffarabad,international college of technical education in bagh muzaffarabad pakistan,best quantity surveyor training course in rawalpindi bagh muzaffarabad pakistan,professional quantity surveyor course in bagh muzaffarabad pakistan,admission open for boys and girls new session start 1 December 2020,Quantity Surveying deals with estimating and managing construction costs to ensure value for money, while meeting the required building standards and quality at the same time.Quantity Surveyors either employed or work on the behalf of contracting companies or representatives of the client, intending to assure that the construction project is completed within stipulated budget. This course will educate and train you to the highest standards set internationally, increasing your understanding of the economic, legal, technical and managerial aspects of quantity surveying.A course in building methods and materials introduces students to issues such as sustainability, cost and risk analysis. It provides students with an understanding of how ordering decisions can affect the cost of the overall project. Since anticipating material costs is a significant part of a quantity surveyor’s responsibilities, instruction in materials and methods is often required for aspiring quantity surveyors. Some programs have separate courses for residential and commercial building projects.This program is intended to provide you with the clear understanding of quantity surveying methods and practices. The objective of the course is to explain the fundamental principles of estimating, costing, tendering, and also to give you a clear understanding of construction contracts and the principles and procedures involved in the financial administration of contracts.Exposure to construction technology and project management fundamentals. Clear understanding of tendering process and contract documentation.Hands on training for the estimation and costing of construction projects with intensive work shop and exclusive case studies. Proficiency in monitoring and control of projects effectively.Imparting competence on the management and administration of contracts.Broad understanding of the contractual issues, dispute resolution techniques that are generally encountered in the construction industry.Estimates of operating and manufacturing costs through an asset’s life cycle; – risk assessment and setting goals, – motivating people etc.A quantity surveyor course is a path for any individual who is willing to specialize in the quantity surveying and construction departments. The quantity surveyor courses online are best suited for students who wish to be a part of the top and middle management of a construction company. course leads the students to achieve the knowledge and skills that are essential to practice in the work field. The quantity surveyor course mainly highlights its contents on the fundamentals of construction engineering and focus more on the estimation, planning and evaluating of the costs in construction The primary role of the construction quantity surveyor is as follows:• Estimating, assessing and planning costs• Handling, monitoring, managing and overseeing the project management• Handling tender management, risk management, claims and disputes in the construction and advising the team• Cost valuation• Controlling and operating team division in the projectA candidate should be qualified to do the task in a construction project. The knowledge and skills learned in the candidate can choose to study an advanced diploma in quantity surveying course and become a quantity surveyor without having to obtain a degree.