Quantity Surveyor Approved Training Course in Jhelum Sargodha,Quantity Surveyor Approved Training Course in Bagh Muzaffarabad,international college of technical education offer practical training quantity surveyor course in bagh muzaffarabad pakistan,best quantity surveyor advance course in bagh muzaffarabad pakistan,professional quantity surveyor practical work course in rawalpindi bagh muzaffarabad,admission open for boys and girls new session start 23 november 2020 Quantity Surveyors either employed or work on the behalf of contracting companies or representatives of the client, intending to assure that the construction project is completed within stipulated budget. This course will educate and train you to the highest standards set internationally, increasing your understanding of the economic, legal, technical and managerial aspects of quantity surveying.This course equips the participant with practical skills to manage all costs relating to the building, adhere to statutory building regulations and enhance the value for money while achieving the required standards and quality.This program is intended to provide you with the clear understanding of quantity surveying methods and practices. The objective of the course is to explain the fundamental principles of estimating, costing, tendering, and also to give you a clear understanding of construction contracts and the principles and procedures involved in the financial administration of contracts.Understanding the Basics of UNITS SystemHow to READ the DRAWINGSDocumentation controller worksMore on UNITS and Dimensions with Practical ApplicationsRole of Quantity Surveyor in Pre construction StageQuantity Calculation for Excavation WorksQuantity Calculation works for Footings or UndergroundUnderground works : Shuttering, Steel, footing concrete calculation steps in EASY METHODSQuantity Calculation for above the Ground WorksQuantity Calculation for Plinth Beams, Columns, SLAB Beams, SLABS, etc.Quantity Calculation for Finishing Works, Brick work calculation, Plaster Calculation ( In and out), Painting, Wood Works calculation etc.Interior works Calculation and Important steps to REMEMBER while doingMEP – ( Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) Related Quantity Calculation methods and STEP by Step ProceduresRole of Quantity Surveyor during Construction stageWeekly Bill Preparation – HOW and WhyWork order Preparation STEPSWhat is BOQ and role of Quantity Surveyor in Preparing the BOQOther important documentation and reports preparation stepsWhat is Cash FlowBILL Preparation, HOW to Check the BILLS, BILL CertificationsHow to close a BILLRole of Quantity Surveyor in Post Construction WorksDevelop vital knowledge and understanding of technical competences of a quantity surveyor including tendering, cost and estimates, project and risk management, contract administration and law, and construction economicsGain an understanding on managing of the construction procurement process, commercial and financial mattersFocus upon construction systems and performance requirements of the building fabric from a commercial perspectiveUsing industry-standard software you will learn about the technical, ethical, economic and political aspects of the built environment.