Quality Control QA/QC Course in Bagh Muzaffarabad, The role of a Quality Control Supervisor is to oversee and monitor the testing and inspection of manufactured products. The roles and responsibilities associated to this role include – testing materials, parts and products to ensure quality efficiency and standards, establishing inspection protocols and defining sampling procedures, determining the tools and equipment that are to be used in the testing process, recommending changes in materials or part specifications; formulating and revising quality control policies and procedures and suggesting improvements.A well-drafted Quality Control Supervisor Resume emphasizes on knowledge and skills such as – solid understanding of raw materials, quality control, and production processes; knowledge of machines and tools to be used for quality checks, strategic development skills, knowledge of management and business principles and practicality in applying engineering science and technology. This post mostly requires a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.Quality control supervisors may also manage production and manufacturing processes and meet with other supervisors to ensure that their companies comply with all standards; if any issues arise, they must devise methods to resolve them, as well as review feedback from customers and handle any concerns they may have. These supervisors also create reports for upper-management employees and keep records of any tests and inspections conducted. Of course, they are required to understand all food safety standards which have been established in the food industry and by the government.A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a food/beverage-related field may be required for this position, and many employers prefer applicants who have some sort of food industry experience. Supervisory experience, usually no less than three years, may be required in order to be considered for a managerial position. Computer skills, particularly with Microsoft Word and Excel, are necessary in order to log reports, and communication skills are beneficial to properly train other employees.Responsible for the overall day to day Operations and Functions of the Quality Control group which includes a team of disciplined Inspectors for procurement inspections, Onsite & Offsite inspections for dimensional and NDT inspection.Conducting and participating in pre-inspection/kickoff meetings with client and third party inspectors.Coordinate onsite and offsite Inspection activities with third party Inspection Contractors and Client Representatives.Vendor surveillance and in process inspection of sub-sea components of manufactured by outside Sub-Suppliers.Welder Qualification Testing Review of blueprints, drawings, schematics, customer specifications and consult other internal and external charts and documents.Coordinate quality issues with production personnel and/or vendors to resolve any problems.Verify that contractual obligations are met as per project progresses (ITP, Final Checklist, Data Book Review) Generate detailed reports of daily findings and inspection activities (NCR, Weld Maps, Fabrication Matrix) Perform dimensional inspections of weldments in accordance with Bill of Material and drawings.Perform welding inspections of in process and completed weldments

Quality Control QA/QC Course in Bagh Muzaffarabad.