Quality Control Management Course in Faisalabad Sialkot, Quality Control Management Course in Rawalpindi Attock Saudia, International College Of Technical Education Offer Quality Control Management Course in Rawalpindi Attock Saudia 03115193625, Best Quality Control Management Course in Rawalpindi Attock Saudia 03354176949, Professional Quality Control Management Course in Rawalpindi Attock Saudia, Admission open For boys and girls new session started coming soon, Certification acceptable in government job and worldwide UK USA KSA Canada Japan China Saudia Dubai Muscat Oman Bahrain Kuwait Qatar, What is QA QC courses? Non-Destructive Testing (QA/QC) Quality Assurance (QA) suggests as a set of procedures that ensure that product-undergoing development can fulfill the requirements of customer and clients whereas Quality Control (QC) is a set of methods that provide that a manufacturing product can meet the needs of the customer.With over a million organizations worldwide certified to the ISO 9001 quality management systems standard, no organisation can afford to pay the price of not recognizing that managing quality assurance and control are essential requirements for those producing and selling goods and services. The essence of quality management is processes, people, management system and performance evaluation and the revised ISO 9001:2015 is a significant change to the earlier version in addressing the key items that need to be addressed in your quality system. Those organizations that are making the transition to the new standard need to fully understand the differences and what is required particularly on context, interested parties, leadership and risk based thinking.This training course will provide significant insight into quality management systems, Good Production Practices (GPP), Standard Operating Procedures, cannabis testing, sanitation programs, HVAC and equipment requirements along with methodology for handling complaints and recalls. The information provided will give a perspective to the vital importance of a strong quality system. The course will provide the tools to develop the framework to consistently produce a high quality product while managing risk and remaining compliant with government regulations.he quality function is a critical part of every type of organization, including manufacturing, service, healthcare, and non-profit. This program is designed for people wanting to work in quality related jobs (quality engineering, quality control, quality assurance), and to add critical skill sets to people working in a wide variety of operations positions (supply chain, logistics, production/service delivery).The Quality Assurance and Control Plan training helps you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills set to establish an organization’s quality plan. This plan confirms that the business processes are under control and quality management requirements are being met.Having a Quality Assurance and Control Plan Certification will prove that you have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help an organization in developing, reviewing, accepting, applying and revising a quality control plan. Know and understand the meaning, purpose and importance of quality control.Understand the importance of safety and follow safety precautions at workplace.Interpret the technical information from engineering drawings.Perform different type of inspection using different measuring instruments, gauges anddevices/machines.Perform functions of In-Process Quality Control to assure quality of product at each stage ofproductionPerform Final Inspection of jobs before dispatch.Prepare In-Process and Final Inspection SheetsEnter observations in In. process & Final Inspection SheetsQuality planning and control: How organizations ensure that their processes and products meet customer needs.Quality management systems, risk management, and auditing: How organizations implement structural change that helps the business compete.Lean Six Sigma and process improvement: How organizations change to meet the challenge of changing global markets.Leadership and teambuilding: How to leverage key resources in the organization.