PG-DIT Diploma Course in Taxila Gujar Khan Rawalpindi, PG-DIT Diploma Course in Rawalpindi Bagh Ajk, International College Of Technical Education in Rawalpindi Bagh Ajk 03115193625, Best PG-DIT Diploma Course in Rawalpindi Bagh Ajk 03354176949, Professional 03115193625, Admission Open in International College Of Technical Education Post Graduate Diploma Course in Rawalpindi Bagh Ajk, The International College Of Technical Education of Pakistan offers variety of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Programs. The programs have mainly been designed for candidates who have previously earned their Bachelor degrees like BA/B.Sc.The PGD programs provide a safe way-in to such candidates.In some countries the graduate diploma and postgraduate diploma are synonymous, while in others (particularly where the graduate diploma is at undergraduate degree level) the postgraduate diploma is a higher qualification.The IT industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian economy. Given the unprecedented growth of IT industry, organisations require manpower that is proficient in both information technology as well as business aspect. A successful IT enterprise will have the right mix of sterling technology systems and proven business strategies. Developing systems requires extensive communication between technical developers, business managers and users.With the rapid growth in international trade in various countries, Post Graduate Diploma in IT emphasises on utilising information technologies for productivity and competitiveness, prepares you to succeed in your IT management career. The program’s unique focus on the management of technology effectively prepares students for successful careers in the dynamic and fast-paced information technology marketplace.These post-graduate diploma programs are mainly one-year programs that are divided into two to four semesters, depending on hands-on training, field work, and credit requirements. These are master’s level programs that only cover the essentials. These programs are mainly targeted to offer professional education and training to the candidates for the better employment opportunity and industry readiness. It is designed to provide in-depth exposure to concepts, scientific principles, implementation methodology of new approaches. Post-graduate diplomas in Management, Post-graduate diploma in Banking & Finance, Remote Sensing & GIS, Robotics, Industrial Maintenance Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technology[5], are examples of courses offered in India. Certain institutes provide postgraduate diploma programs which satisfies the credit requirement for a master’s program with increased number of lower credit courses for 2 years, these programs are provisionally considered equivalent to a master’s level. Postgraduate diploma programs are meant for those with a bachelor’s degree to gain an advanced technical grasp and to those with a master’s degree to enhance their interdisciplinary/translation grasp.Project ManagerBusiness Development Manager/ExecutiveProduct ManagerMarketing ManagerAnalytics ManagerSystem ManagerData Processing ManagerBusiness AnalystIT ManagerIT Consultant