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Lab technicians are skilled workers that work with complex systems or perform highly technical mechanical or diagnostic tests in medical or scientific laboratories. … Lab technicians might collect samples, study and perform tests on body fluids, teeth, chemical compounds, biological specimens, or other fields of science.ab tech training programs provide specialized courses that teach the skills used in clinical laboratories. Courses in biology, chemistry, microbiology and mathematics are required for higher levels of employment.

Some common topics in these courses might be:

MicrobiologyGeneral chemistryState certification requirementsBasic algebraEnglishThroughout the training process students will gain experience working on various aspects of the lab setting. Point of care testing, vital sign analysis, hematology, clinical chemistry and phlebotomy procedures are some of the topics covered during lab tech preparation.Students in this introductory course become familiar with the clinical lab techniques for working in a medical, biological or chemical laboratory. Safety procedures are explained, and students receive an overview of immunology, hematology, clinical chemistry, phlebotomy, molecular pathology and body fluid analysis. By the end of the course, students should be competent in the use of lab equipment and solutions, including standard safety and cleanup processes.Students who complete an Associate of Applied Science degree in clinical or medical laboratory technology at a community college or earn a certificate in laboratory technology from a hospital or vocational school are qualified for entry-level employment as laboratory technicians. A Bachelor of Science degree program in medical or clinical laboratory technology provides additional education in the sciences and general education areas. Students earning a B.S. may become employed at the level of laboratory technologistIt also covers micro-organism screening, chemical analyses, and cell count. These professionals, medical lab technicians and technologists, play an important role in collecting information, sampling, testing, reporting and documenting medical investigations. Read on to know how to develop a career in medical lab technology:Technologists may also conduct research supervised by medical researchers, who are responsible for maintaining report accuracy and conducting complex tests. They generally have more training than a medical laboratory technician, who performs routine testing under stipulated conditions.Technicians may help by preparing specimens and operating automated sample analysing machines, setting up testing equipment, keeping the lab clean, maintaining tools and conditions etc.Course Outline :Soil Section TestingConcrete SectionAggregate SectionAsphalt SectionBitumen SectionCement SectionSteel Section


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