Complete details will be given only on a call ,

no sms or msgs will be entertained .

available in quantity for whole sale and retail rates .

Some details are given below :

* data cable /charging lead is provided in this box

* built in 600mah lithium battery

* can attach with all smart phones, old phones, i pods, tablets, laptop , computer or with any device which has aux cable or contains bluetooth in it.

* sound is excellent and this speaker has built in equalizer which adjusts sounds automatically and wont let it burst no matter if you enable extreme volume through your mobile in it .

* blue tooth range is upto 50 meter which is awesome .

* aux cable is connected with the speaker and you can extend this cable by attaching a female aux jack to it through your desired length of wire .

* battery timing is 12- 15 hours if you play music for a continuous period of time on it otherwise if you play for a short period of time then it will give you more battery back up and you need charging for like 15 days after the first charging .

* battery timing indicator is presented in it which makes small beeps while you are playing your music that indicates that battery is getting low.

* single power button which allows you to on/off the speaker and it makes 2 different sounds while turning on/off

* led indicator light is provided which turns blue when the speaker is on and it turns red when it is attached to charging .

* mobile can be placed on this speaker vertically /horizontally as shown in pics .

* other info is given in the book which is provided in this box .

you can contact me on watsap also .