Fiber Optic Communication course in rawalpindi punjab 03115193625 Fiber Optic Communication course in rawalpindi 03354176949 International college of technical education offer Fiber optic communications Course in rawalpindi punjab 03115193625 admission open for admission and information call 03115193625, 03354176949 for more information visit our website,, This course investigates the aspects of digital and analog fiber-optic communication systems. Topics include sources and receivers, optical fibers and their propagation characteristics, and optical fiber systems. The principles of operation and properties of optoelectronic components, as well as signal guiding characteristics of glass fibers are discussed. System design issues include both analog and digital point-to-point optical links and fiber-optic networks.ICTE Fiber Optic Communications Course Contents:1:Basic Telephone Systems 2 :Switches , OSP etc3: Establishment of calls in single exchange area 4: Establishment of calls in multi exchange area, intra city and international 5:Draw backs of OSP 6:Network Topologies of OFAN7:International Trends 8:Basic Network Information rates 9:The evolution of fiber optic system 10:Elements of Optical fiber transmission 11:Fiber Material 12:Mechanical properties of Fiber13:Fiber Optic Cable.Fiber Optic Communications Course in Rawalpindi Punjab 03115193625, 03354176949 for more visit our website,