Electrical Technician Experienced Based Course in Rawalpindi Taxila Saudia, This course is designed to provide students professional competencies and equip with skills set that enables them, how to select, install, setup, find a electric fault, repairing, testing & maintenance of electric appliances, lighting, generators, UPS, elevators, vending machines, other electrical equipments, and electrical systems in commercial and industrial electric systems. We will provide you basic electrical theory knowledge along with hands on practical skills in which prominent things are: Manual Star Delta starter, Line reaction starter, Line resistance starter, Automatic star delta starter, Read out the electrical drawing and symbols, Direct ON/OFF piston Starter, armed Cables, Hard cables, Flexible cable, VIR cable, D.C motors, Cabling in tray ,Single phase motor, Three phase motor, Cabling from motors to machines ,Slap ring motor ect. which offers you an opportunity to perform practical tasks by using different equipments & tools, and materials in our dedicated industrial electrical lab.The modules of this Electrical Installation, Wiring and Maintenance Certification course are shaped around the essential principles that should be recognised for a better appreciation of the standards around electrical wiring systems.This contains aspects that explain and demonstrate the calculation for the power demand of a system and the calculation of earth fault currents. This course is not only informative in nature but also delivers important details needed to make an electrical system safe and secure for operation.Which industrial areas is the ‘Electrical Installation, Wiring and Maintenance Certification’ course useful for? The content of this program will be useful across various civil and structural engineering disciplines including road, rail and drainage systems, harbours, dams, bridges, buildings and other constructions. It is vital that those who work in the supervisory or management levels of this discipline have a firm understanding of the drafting and planning principles for wiring mechanisms.Describe the basics of operating and setting up electrical wiring systemsSelect suitable types and ratings of electrical wiring systemsUnderstand the importance of fulfilling the requirements for safe use of electrical equipment and systemsComprehend various earthing mechanisms and its importance in safetyPerform simple methods of calculating to check the suitability of conductors and protective earthing elements to guarantee safe operationSpecify electrical system testing proceduresConduct sporadic checks and verification measures that need to be carried out in an electrical installation as required for compliance purposesDraw up simple operational policies for safety guidelinesDevelop realistic maintenance strategies for electrical wiring systemsAdmission open for boys and girls and queries call 03115193625,03354176949.INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION Pakistan No.1 IT Training, Technical, Management and Safety Officer Institute, For More Information Visit Our Website http://www.icollegete.com/ https://courses.com.pk/ Certification acceptable in Government job and Worldwide UK USA KSA UAE Canada Dubai Muscat Oman Bahrain Kuwait Qatar Saudia Japan Chinahttp://www.icollegete.com/course/competency-experience-based-diploma-course-in-rawalpindi-pakistan/http://www.icollegete.com/course/electrician-and-technician-course-in-rawalpindi/