Electrical Technician Experienced Based Course in Muzaffarabad Rawalakot, Electrical Technician Experienced Based Course in Rawalpindi Attock Saudia, International College Of Technical Education in Rawalpindi Islamabad Attock Pakistan 03115193625, Professional Electrical Technician Experienced Based Course in Rawalpindi Attock Saudia 03354176949, Best Electrical Technician Experienced Based Course in Rawalpindi Attock Saudia, admission open in International college of technical education, Certification acceptable in government job and worldwide UK USA Canada Japan China Saudia Dubai Muscat Oman Bahrain Kuwait Qatar, This course is designed to provide students professional competencies and equip with skills set that enables them, how to select, install, setup, find a electric fault, repairing, testing & maintenance of electric appliances, lighting, generators, UPS, elevators, vending machines, other electrical equipments, and electrical systems in commercial and industrial electric systems. We will provide you basic electrical theory knowledge along with hands on practical skills in which prominent things are: Manual Star Delta starter, Line reaction starter, Line resistance starter, Automatic star delta starter, Read out the electrical drawing and symbols, Direct ON/OFF piston Starter, armed Cables, Hard cables, Flexible cable, VIR cable, D.C motors, Cabling in tray ,Single phase motor, Three phase motor, Cabling from motors to machines ,Slap ring motor ect. which offers you an opportunity to perform practical tasks by using different equipments & tools, and materials in our dedicated industrial electrical lab.Introduced to power transmission and distribution and robotics as well as maintenance and troubleshooting techniques for industry, with a strong focus on health and safety. Computer aided drafting, electronic and digital circuits, microprocessors, programming and programmable logic controllers are also studied. Students gain valuable experience during a co-op work term, while developing industry contacts for possible post-graduation employment opportunities.Reading and creating blueprints, schematics, and wiring diagramsResidential, commercial, and industrial wiringIndustrial process measurement, calibration, and controlPower electronics with application to power and motor speed control equipmentIndustrial automation systems with programmable logic controllers and motor control equipmentPower generation and distribution equipmentFire alarm, security, and communication systemsIntroduction to ElectronicsCurrent, Voltage & ResistanceOhm’s Law, Power & EnergySeries CircuitsParallel CircuitsSeries-Parallel CircuitsDC Measuring InstrumentsNetwork TheoremsMagnetismMagnetic CircuitsAlternating Voltage & CurrentAC Measuring InstrumentsCapacitance and CapacitorsInductance and InductorsTransformersAlternating Current CircuitsResonanceCoupling and Filter CircuitsSemiconductor FundamentalsTransistors and ThyristorsAmplifier CircuitsIntegrated CircuitsDigital Electronics