EFI VEHICLE AUTO ELECTRICIAN course in sawabi charsada

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EFI Automotive electricians assess vehicles and find faults using diagnostic testing equipment. They also install and repair electrical and electronic equipment this can be in passenger and commercial vehicles to marine, and in mining equipment

his course is for learners who want to gain knowledge and basic skills required in the job of an Auto Electrician – probably from a role where responsibility. Units in the qualification cover all areas of working in Auto Electrical Industry/Workshop, customer support. In particular, thelearners will have acquired competencies to:

• Work effectively as Auto Electrician• Maintain/Service /Repair Lighting System of Vehicles.• Test and Recharge Battery.• Service/ Repair /Test Starting System of Auto Vehicles.• Repair/Service /Test Charging System.• Service/Replace Electrical Accessories.• Maintain Safety during working.

they work under supervision or independently. The qualifications are for learners who want to increase their skills and take on more

Module one: Auto Electrician1. Safety precautions2. Safe Working Practices in Automotive Workplace3. Tools used in Auto electrician and EFI work4. Introduction to Battery & Electrical fundamentals5. Function, Types and parts of ignition system6. Purpose and Function of Automobile self-starter7. Automobile generator design and function8. Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter and Fuel Lines System9. Four Cylinder Engine working and power system10. Head light circuit and indicator circuit system11. ODO meter, speedo meter and RPM system12. Fuel Gauge and Temperature Gauge System13. Scanner working and use system14. Horn and Air bags system15. Fuel Engine and Diesel Engine working system16. Power window and center lock system17. Function of Plug and its working18. Function of thermostat in Automobile19. Water pump and Automatic Fan System20. Tail and Parking Light SystemModule Two: EFI System1. Introduction to EFI Engine system2. Tools use in EFI system3. Precautions of working environment of EFI system4. Difference between Distributor and CDI5. EFI engine check light system6. The purpose of Check Engine Light7. EFI Engine Sensors working operation system8. Cranking and Cam sensors degree notification in EFI System9. What is Air Bag system how its work10. How working of EFI engine fuel injector and its plus11. Difference between Throttle and carburetor system12. ABS Breaking System in EFI system13. EFI Engine Manual Diagnostic System14. EFI Engine Tuning System15. Catalytic Convert system in EFI16. How to control ECU EFI Engine17. Automatic and Manual Gear system18. EFI Fuel Pump system19. Cranking and charging systems


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