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The fuel exits the fuel tank via the fuel pump. It travels through fuel lines towards the engine. The fuel pressure regulator constricts the flow of fuel and only lets a calculated amount through to the injectors. … This sensor tracks how much air is entering the engine at any given time

Electronic fuel injection replaces the need for a carburetor that mixes and fuel. EFI does exactly what it sounds like – it injects fuel directly into an engine’s manifold or cylinder using electronic controls. While the auto industry has been enjoying the technology for decades, it’s not as common in smaller engines

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) system use engine sensors, a computer and solenoid operated fuel injector to meter and inject right amount of fuel into the cylinders. An electronic control unit receives information in the form of electric signals from the sensors. … It results into the less un-burnt fuel in the emission

EFI systems are more fuel-efficient than carbureted engines. This is because the electronic system constantly adjusts the air to fuel ratio to ensure that optimal levels are delivered. Carbureted engines, on the other hand, may deliver an excess fuel to air ratio, which can lead to more fuel consumption

DEMONSTRATION OF CARBURETOR PRINCIPLESLabtech provides two carburetor demonstration units ideal for demonstrating the air flow and fuel mixture principles in carburetor designs found on naturally aspirated engines. These units provide a visible demonstration of air flow characteristics, which assist the student in grasping the concept of variable speed air flow through the carburetor venturi, and how it is affected by the choke and throttle valves.Model Number: TFS-CDU-1

MONO POINT (TBI) FUEL INJECTION TRAINERThis item is part of the Labtech Petrol Fuel Injection Trainers Series. The trainers are designed to train technicians in the operation, theory, maintenance, calibration and trouble shooting of fuel injection systems. It consists of a complete, fully operational, fuel injection system and is complete with a training course on fuel injection system operation and servicing including student job sheets and a technician manual.Model Number: FS-MON-1

MOTRONIC TYPE FUEL INJECTION TRAINERThese trainers are designed to train technicians in the operation, theory, maintenance, servicing, and trouble shooting of fuel injection systems. These trainers have been developed to address the training need that accompany today’s sophisticated fuel injectors with a special focus on understanding the system closed loop control with various sensors inputs and the output signals for fuel management and ignition spark timing control.Model Number: TFS-MOT-3

ORIGINAL OPERABLE SINGLE BARREL CARBURETOR (SINGLE VENTURI)These Original Single and Double Barrel Carburetors are available for a variety of uses in the classroom and workshop. The sectioned single and double barrel carburetors have been carefully cut away to expose key internal parts including the fuel float, valves, idle screw, single and twin venturi tubes, fuel jets, butterfly valve and control linkages. They can be used for demonstration purposes, exhibits or as replacement engine parts.Model Number: TFS-CBA-ORM

DIESEL FUEL INJECTION PUMPSLabtech offers a variety of diesel fuel injection pumps specifically prepared to enhance training programs for diesel fuel systems. Sectioned pumps are ideal for classroom instruction as they show design characteristics, internal construction and demonstrate operational principles. Units are provided un-mounted (U) or mounted (M) on a wooden base.Model Number: TPS-DP

PETROL FUEL PUMPSLabtech offers a selection of mechanical and electric petrol fuel pumps for instructional purposes. The electric fuel pumps are designed to be powered by a 12 Volt DC source and serve to pump fuel from the fuel tank up to the carburetor. These fuel pumps are available in several configurations, either as Operable units (O) or Sectioned units (S).Model Number: TFS-MPN-1

PROGRAMMABLE EFI SIMULATORThis trainer is designed to be an introductory trainer for EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Systems. This will give an overview for automotive technicians in the operational characteristics and theory of electronic fuel injection systems. The Labtech EFI Trainer is unique in the fact that it is designed to operate just as if it was on the vehicle.Model Number: FS-EFI-S

Auto Electrician is there to service, maintain, check up, repair, and change electric and electronic devices and systems on the vehicle. A good and reliable auto electrician should know how to set up electric installations and network equipment on the cat based on the sketches; how to detect and remove installation and network equipment malfunctions.Also, this tradesman should perform quality control for the electrical work performed, considering the norms and regulations.Within the auto electric trade courses, International College of Technical Education has a six-month auto electrician course to offer. Having finished this course, each student will be able to identify the types and elements of electric installations, and network equipment; to differ the electric symbols, and explain how the electric installations are set up on a vehicle.The school also incorporates introducing the students to the procedures and rules of connecting electric and electronic devices to the installations, as well as to differ the types and uses of the tools, and devices which build and set up the electric installation and network equipment. Apart from theoretical representation of these procedures, the students will also be trained to set up and connect electric and electronic devices on the installations, to check the regularity of the installations, and use the appropriate tools.The auto electrician course in International College of Technical Education offers you the chance to learn about terms such as ECU, and CPU, learn what system sensors are, and explain how they work (coolant fluid temperature sensor, air temperature and flow sensor).In our school you will learn what an encoder is, how it functions, what is Hall effect, what is a “Knock” sensor, and what is the purpose of the sensor for the car speed.This training for auto electrician is the best and the most comprehensive possible offer.It is a reliable and high-quality course to prepare you for this trade, highly in demand.The practice within this training is certainly the most important segment. You can have the practice in a shop that ICTE Institute cooperates with, and it is not included in the course fee. Within the course fee we have included the textbook, the final exams, and a certified diploma.

Electronic Fuel Injection EFI Course Contents:1:Tools

2:Special purpose tools

3:Measuring tools

4:Fastening devices and tube fittings

5:Electrical fundamentals

6:Cranking and charging systems

7:Electrical circuits


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