Efi Auto Electrician Training Course in Peshawar Bannu,

Efi Auto Electrician Training Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan,international college of technical education in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,best efi auto electrician advance course in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,professional efi auto electrician course in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,Auto Electricians install, maintain, identify faults and repair electrical wiring and computer-based equipment in motor vehicles and related equipment, such as caravans, trailers, earthmoving equipment, mining equipment, marine applications and agricultural equipment.Learn the basics of the electrical trade, including electrical safety, circuits, and electrical theory, with the free online Electrical courses from Alison. With one of our electrical studies courses, you can easily gain a better understanding of electrical wiring systems, electrical drawings, and test equipment. We also offer training classes that can teach you how to analyze information about power, lighting, and communication in the context of any engineering project. This knowledge will be extremely helpful in progressing your career, so get started today.The duration of trade is one year with two semesters of six months each. Trade course comprises topics like how to install, repair, replace and overhaul wiring, starters, generators, distributors and other electrical equipment of motor vehicles; examine vehicle battery, checks voltage and specific gravity using special equipment such as voltmeter hydrometer, heavy discharge tester, etc. and ensures that battery is in good condition; check vehicle wiring, locates faults and rectify defects by replacing damaged wire or connect ends with insulation tape and the like others.Auto Electrician Course Contents:


2:Special purpose tools

3:Measureing tools

4:Fastening devices and tube fittings

5:Electrical fundamentals

6:Cranking and charging systems

7:Electrical circuits