Document Controller Course in Faisalabad Sialkot,Document Controller Course in Rawalpindi Chakwal Dubai, International College of Technical Education offered Document controller course in rawalpindi chakwal dubai pakistan 03115193625, Best Document Controller course in Rawalpindi Chakwal Dubai 03354176949, Admission Open International college of technical education Document Controller Course For admission and queries call 031151936265, World Wide Acceptable with UK/USA/ Pak/ U.A.E/KSA/ China/ International Certifications in Rawalpindi, Admission open We offers specialized and centralized fully equipped computer lab,various professional lecture rooms with multimedia for audio /video visual aid,Conference hall,hands-on supervisory experience in service and operations. Admission open admission and queries call 03115193625, 03354176949 INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION Pakistan No.1 IT Training Institute, For More Information Visit Our Website, control procedures set the framework for how documents are approved, updated or amended, how changes are tracked, how documents are published (internally or externally), and how documents are made obsolete.Do you want to be a Document Controller? What does Document Control mean? This course will offer participants the important foundations and best practices for document control. This program is designed to provide expertise to those who want to develop their skills as a document controller.At the very core of the quality management system are the management and the control of documents. If you are looking for an effective document control system, it only means that compliance is at the back of your mind. The use of out-of-date versions of documents can affect the efficiency, quality, and cause financial losses to the organization.Document control ensures that only approved documents are used and in circulation throughout the organization. In the contemporary work environment and the modern styles of operations, there are multiple meetings and documents created for innovative processes and procedures. All this cannot be retained by memory and so a document plays a very important role.Large companies need to focus on their document control staff, who will ensure document quality procedures are followed and specialized tools are used to keep control of their documents and compliance in the workplace. It is well known that most of the non-compliance is reported through the document audits on the basis of ISO9001 QMS.If you have been dealing with a Document Management System (DMS) but never received formal training, this course will help you debunk many of the myths surrounding Document Control. Regardless of the standard your organization complies or is certified to, once you attend our Fundamentals of Document Control course, you will feel empowered to improve your own system and question the status quo.If you are new to the world of Document Control and the ISO or API standards, you will be amazed at the vast knowledge you will gain upon completion of this course.Course content1. Introduction to Document ControlWhat is Document Control and the role of the Document Controller2. The Basics of Document ControlDocument control checks and gatekeeping3. Document IdentificationHow to make sure that document are identifiableMeans of identification (numbering, metadata, document description, file naming…)4. Document Classifying, Filing & Information SecurityHow to organise documents and manage information security5. Documents LifecycleWhat is the lifecycle of technical documents? Document creation, modification, review cycle, comments, approval: How to manage documents at each step of their lifeHow to avoid misuse of obsolete documents6. Document DistributionHow to ensure an efficient and relevant distribution of documents7.A Project Document ControlSpecifics of Project Document Control ; Managing deliverables; Flow of project documentsInteractions with Client, Contractors, Sub-contractors, Suppliers, VendorsMaster Deliverable Register (MDR)7.B Unit 7-B: As-Built and Final DocumentationSpecifics of As-Built / Final DocumentationDocument Controller tasks during As-Built phase8. Document Control Procedures and SpecificationsWhy do we need procedures? Which subjects should be included in a Document Control Procedure? Electronic Document Management SystemsWhich software packages are used by Document Controllers? What are the functionalities of Document Control Software Packages? How can it help Document Controllers?Interactions with project teams, engineering teams, managersHow to support technical teams? How to manage work pressure? How to manage difficult situations?