DIT Diploma in Information Technology Course in Sargodha Rahimyar Khan, DIT Diploma in Information Technology Course in Rawalpindi Ghori Town Islamabad, International College Of Technical Education Offer DIT Diploma in Information Technology Course in Rawalpindi Ghori Town Islamabad 03115193625, Best DIT Diploma in Information Technology Course in Rawalpindi Ghori Town Islamabad 03354176949, Professional DIT Diploma in Information Technology Course in Rawalpindi Ghori Town Islamabad, Diploma in IT(DIT) in Rawalpindi Islamabad ICTE offers diploma in Information Technology to understand the information technology with most used software of Office Automation, Graphics designing, Computer Hardware / Networking and web designing.Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) Work on different operating systems like Windows 7 & Linux. Work on different Business applications (MS-Word. Exercise Business Communication Skills & Report writing. Develop and Manage Database Management System. Apply and Analyze E-Commerce issues.Certification acceptable in government job and worldwide UK USA KSA Canada Japan China Saudia Dubai Muscat Oman Bahrain Kuwait Qatar, The Course aims to produced the trained man-power in the field of Information Technology to fulfill employment requirement of I.T. industry not only in the country, but also abroad.In DIT Course Student will learn how to use Different Software and tools related to office management, graphic designing, web development, Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, SMO) to work in IT Industry. Finally at the end of the course they will learn freelancing on Fiverr so they can work from home and could be able to earn money online.DIT Course in Islamabad DIT Course outline (Duration 1 Year ) Introduction to Information Technology Course Outline of the Introduction to Information Technology. It is same in the CIT syllabus. So no need to write it again here simply you can visit CIT course detail.Microsoft Office . It is also same like above instruction. Programming Concept Using C Language Introduction Data Type in the C Programming Language Operators Header Files & I/O Operators Character & Data Enter Functions Control Structure of C Screen Formatting Function in C User Define Functions Array in C Macros & Pointers String Manipulation Functions Data & the Time Functions Miscellaneous Functions Networking & Windows Server Data Communication Networking Concepts Types Of Networks Topologies Communication Mediums Access Method OSI Reference Model Network Interface Card Modem Protocols Networking Devices Windows server Web Programming (HTML , DHTML , Macromedia Flash, Photoshop) HTML DHTML Introduction of Java Script Conditional Structure Looping in Javascript Function in the JavaScript Objects of the Java scripts Event Handling Macromedia Flash Adobe Photoshop Visual Basic 6 What is Windows Programming ? What is difference in between Basic and Visual How to OOP & Object Programming 16 bit & 32 bits Basic of Visual Basic Variable Data types in VB 6 Working with Object in VB Programming How to create Menu in VB6 Define OLE, DB, Object models Networking Introduction to Networking & communication Network concepts Types of Networks Topologies Communication Medium Access Method OSI Models NIC Network Interface Card Modems Protocols Networking devices Oracle (MySQL) Introduction of MySQL Oracle Tools of SQL Build Forms Basic of Database SQL Queries Java Programming Introduction to Java Programming Applets, Java Tool KIT Data Types, Operators, Looping, Control Structure Array Java Classes, Constructor, Keywords, Inheritance, Exceptions, Multitasking, Java Packages Event Handling Java Database.DIT ( Diploma in Information Technology) Course in Dubai UK Oman Saudia, ICTE Insitute offers a best IT Diploma in Pakistan, specially designed to meet with market demand of high-quality professionals having expertise and sound understanding with all key areas of information technology like application development, database administration, networking and computer hardware. After completing DIT program students can build their career in IT as Programmer, DBA or Network Administrator or Hardware Technician most affordable DIT Fee in Pakistan.Introduction To Information TechnologyCommon Application PackagesSystems Analysis And DesignData Communications And NetworkingComputer Architecture And OrganizationProgramming & Data Structures (Using 3gls)Systems Analysis And DesignInternet TechnologiesManagement Information SystemsDatabase Technology