Diploma in Quantity Surveyor Course in Lahore Sheikhpura,Diploma in Quantity Surveyor Course in Bagh Muzaffarabad Dubai,international college of technical education in rawalpindi bagh muzaffarabad pakistan,professional quantity surveyor course in rawalpindi bagh muzaffarabad pakistan,best quantity surveyor course in rawalpindi bagh muzaffarabad pakistan,Introduces the basic laws of physics as they relate to construction, and to problems in buildings and other structures; particularly the effects of loads, stress, bending, moisture and temperature changes, acoustics and electrical theory.The purpose being to acquaint the student with the manufacturing process of various materials and the way in which the materials and methods are implemented in a construction project. The contents of this subject cover sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Masterformat.Introduces basic blueprint reading and the measurement of construction work, including the proper use of the approved CIQS estimate form, along with the fundamentals of estimating. This course will also cover sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Method of Measurement of Construction Works, published by the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.Provides a general overview of computers, application software, hardware, and computer systems. Emphasis is to be placed upon computer literacy topics with the main emphasis upon the use of commercial application software packages for word processing and spreadsheet.Quantity Surveyor Course is adding up lot of value addition to the construction industry both by civil engineering professionals and other MEP department professionals. Thats the reason today many are looking for Quantity Surveying Course to learn and grow further. For people who are having site experience and for students who has interest in this Quantity Surveying course will be learning the following concepts related to Quantity Survey Department.Estimation and Quantity CalculationWhat is RATE ANALYSISRATE ANALYSIS Steps for various itemsWhat is Tendering and How Tendering Process happensWhat is a Contract and Types of ContractsHow to choose a Suitable ContractContracts ManagementNegotiation TechniquesPurchase orders & Work ordersOther topics related to Quantity Surveyor’s jobHow to become a GOOD Quantity SurveyorWhat to do after attending Quantity Surveyor Course?Understanding the Basics of UNITS SystemHow to READ the DRAWINGSDocumentation controller worksMore on UNITS and Dimensions with Practical ApplicationsRole of Quantity Surveyor in Pre construction StageQuantity Calculation for Excavation WorksQuantity Calculation works for Footings or UndergroundUnderground works : Shuttering, Steel, footing concrete calculation steps in EASY METHODSQuantity Calculation for above the Ground WorksQuantity Calculation for Plinth Beams, Columns, SLAB Beams, SLABS, etc.Quantity Calculation for Finishing Works, Brick work calculation, Plaster Calculation ( In and out), Painting, Wood Works calculation etc.Interior works Calculation and Important steps to REMEMBER while doingMEP – ( Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) Related Quantity Calculation methods and STEP by Step ProceduresRole of Quantity Surveyor during Construction stageWeekly Bill Preparation – HOW and WhyWork order Preparation STEPSWhat is BOQ and role of Quantity Surveyor in Preparing the BOQOther important documentation and reports preparation stepsWhat is Cash FlowBILL Preparation, HOW to Check the BILLS, BILL CertificationsHow to close a BILLRole of Quantity Surveyor in Post Construction Works