Diploma in Electrical Technician Course in Swat Swabi,Diploma in Electrical Technician Course in Rawalpindi Attock Chakwal,international college of technical education in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,best electrical technician professional practical course in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,professional electrical course in rawalpindi attock chakwal,The Electrical Engineering Technology program covers vast areas such as power system analysis, power system protection, Digital Image Processing, control systems, power distribution and utilization, AC/DC machines, analog and digital communication, microprocessor interfacing. The applied scheme of studies has been carefully designed to enhance both academic and professional aspects of Electrical Engineering Technology program. The core courses have been selected to enhance the design and development skills of students in the field of Electrical engineering technology.General / building Electrical course is aimed for students, who aspire to pursue their career as electrician. General / building Electrical course is designed to provide students professional competencies and equip them with the skills-set that enables them, how to select, install, setup, find a electric fault, repairing, testing & maintenance of electric appliances, lighting, generators, UPS, other electrical equipments, and electrical systems in a premises or building. This general/building electrical course will also enable students to test their knowledge on practical projects and learn safety parameters that ensure to avoid accidents.Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety regulationsElectricity fundamentals. Voltage. Intensity. Power. Ohm law. Main characteristics of cables and wirings.Process and electrical equipment: process constraints due to electrical power supply; introduction to electrical drawings.Physics: pressure, force, temperature and electrical units used in Oil & Gas processes. Main physical parameters of high voltage cells.Safety at work: general hazards and electrical risks in a petrochemical plant; electrical hazardous area; protections layers concept; work permit and prevention. Application on an electrical equipment maintenance.Main parameters of an industrial electrical power supply. Electrical distribution drawings. Existing electric distribution diagram and grid. Wiring and connecting switchgear inside electrical cabinets. Replace/repair an equipment in a cabinet. Checks and inspection.Practical works in a workshop according to available equipment.Hazards: electrical shocks, direct and indirect contact, collective and personal protective equipment, hazardous areas.Mini-study (1 day team work) for an assigned electrical system: detail specific hazards and barriers, critical process variables, critical pieces of equipment and critical operations.Electrical protection: electrical hazards for human body and material; equipotential connections, grounding protection. Fuses – Circuit breakers – Selectivity of protections: main techniques. Protection relays. LV & HV earthing system: protections and preventive measures. Reliability and safety.Different voltage magnitude. Hazardous area and different electrical equipment installed in ATEX zones; maintenance constraints.Electrical authorizations – Role and commitments related to work permits.Lock Out & Tag Out rules before and after maintenance works. Case study and practical works on a switchgear.Mini-study (1 day) for an assigned electrical substation: identify the grounding system & the possible existing defaults.