Crane rigger safety course in Rawalpindi Shamsabad murree road punjab pakistan 03115193625, Crane rigger safety course in rawalpindi shamsabad murree road punjab pakistan 03354176949 International college of technical education offer Crane rigger safety course in rawalpindi shamsabad murree road punjab pakistan admission open for admission and information call 0311519325, 0335417949 International crane rigger diploma course in Rawalpindi, Crane rigging safety training course teaches employees the safe way to handle crane rigging and all the hazards associated with using cranes while at work. Cranes are used at many workplaces, across all major industries, to lift and move materials. Crane operators are generally trained and often certified in safe crane operations and inspection. However, many accidents involving cranes are caused by failures of crane rigging and rigging hardware. Crane Safety & Rigger Course content:1:Roles and Responsibilities of a Rigger.2:Toolbox Meeting.3:Estimating Load and Centre of Gravity.4:Pre-Lift Inspection of Crane and Lifting Gear and Accessories.5:Become familiar with the different types of cranes and hoists 6:Selection and Use of Rigging Equipment. 7:Rigging Methods and Techniques.8:Cover the procedures for proper inspection and maintenance 9:Establish the guidelines for proper equipment testing and load rating capacities 10:Outline the proper procedures for crane operators and co-workers 11:Outline regulations for load handling and handling equipment 12:Identifying the Elements of a crane safety plan 13:3 Step Lifting and Lowering Method.14:Accident Prevention and Emergency Response.15:Out-door Demonstration and Practice.16:Assessment.

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