Crane Rigger Safety Course in Multan Lahore, Crane Rigger Safety Course in Rawalpindi Taxila Wah, International College of Technical Education offer Crane Rigger Safety Advance course in Rawalpindi Taxila Wah 03115193625, Best Crane Rigger Safety in International College of Technical Education 03354176949, Admission open International College Of Technical Education NO O1 Crane Rigger Institute in Rawalpindi Taxila Wah 03115193625, Professional Crane Rigger Safety course in Rawalpindi Taxila Wah, For more information visit our website This 7 hour online course covers OSHA regulations, the use and inspection of slings, rigging hardware, load weight and other areas critical to understanding and operating a safe job site. This course is recommended for all employees who are working within the fall zone of a load and especially if they are involved in the hooking and unhooking of the load or in the guiding of a load. Level 1 certification training program combines in-class content with practical experience. Students receive classroom theory and hands on practical training including calculating load weights, finding load center of gravity, rigging loads and making actual crane lifts giving direction to the crane operator.The goal of the Level 1 training program is to equip you for a safe career as a knowledgeable and confident rigger. Describe some of the common errors that cause most crane and rigging accidents, Describe and demonstrate at least six safe work practices for working with and around cranes and explain why each is important, Identify at least six different types of cranes, using scenarios involving cranes working near high voltage lines, give the minimum clearance between the crane and lines based on OSHA standardsDefine the regulations; demonstrate safe work practices to rigging and hoisting, responsibilities of signal person and communicating with operator. Calculate the SWL, and WLL of slings, Understand the safety factor of lifting accessories and equipmentUnderstand the requirements of applicable legislation to lifting and rigging operations. Carry out pre-use inspection for a lifting and rigging operation. Recommend that equipment and accessories be discarded where applicable. Identify the risks associated in a rigging and lifting operation. Master the different types of slings use in a lifting and rigging operation. Identify the types, features and limitations of slings use in lifting operations. Understand the elements for calculating and sizing a slings use for lifting and rig. This overhead training course gives equipment operators a solid foundation in health and safety standards, preventative maintenance, and the proper procedures for safely operating overhead cranes. Delivered through multimedia presentations and interactive discussions, course content is reinforced through operator workbooks and supplementary handouts.LIUNA: 40-Hour Hoisting & Rigging IGLIUNA: 40-Hour Hoisting & Rigging PGHoisting& Rigging Student Handout PacketLIUNA: Hoisting & Rigging PowerPointDVD: Hoisting & Rigging ProceduresDVD: SignalingSyllabus OutlinesIntroduction to LOLER, PUWER and HASWA legislationAccessories and equipment use during lifting and rigging operations.Hardware slings, ropes, flat woven webbing slings, wire rope, chains, liaison Bodies and AccessoriesInspection and correct use of tirfors, chain blocks, pull lifts, beam clamps, wire rope.Examination of rigging and lifting equipmentUtilizing recommend rigging methods to move various itemsThe Lifting planIdentification and MarkingMechanical strength of equipment/accessories and their safety factor.Elements for calculating and sizing a slingCommissioning, test before useUse of protective slings to the edges NodesProtection against abrasionMaintenance of slingsPrecautions to be taken by the slingerThe gesture of command and control