Crane Rigger Safety Course in Bhakkar Mianwali,Crane Rigger Safety Course in Peshawar Bannu,international college of technical education in peshawar bannu pakistan 03115193625, best crane rigger safety level 1 course in peshawar bannu 03354176949, professional crane rigger safety international course in peshawar bannu pakistan, Number 01 crane rigger safety course in peshawar bannu rawalpindi islamabad pakistan 03115193625, admission open for boys and girls new session started coming soon crane rigging safety training course teaches employees the safe way to handle crane rigging and all the hazards associated with using cranes while at work. Cranes are used at many workplaces, across all major industries, to lift and move materials. Crane operators are generally trained and often certified in safe crane operations and inspection. However, many accidents involving cranes are caused by failures of crane rigging and rigging hardware.Because crane operations can be hazardous, and complicated, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has adopted rules about safe crane regulations, including proper rigging.If not probably balanced, cranes can topple over when lifting a load, and if a load is too heavy, the load line or crane hook can snap, dropping the load on anything, or anyone, below.Emphasis is placed on knowledge and practical skills required by overhead crane operators. By utilizing a “hazard assessment” model to approach lifting, the student is equipped to approach lifting tasks proactively. The responsibilities of both employer and worker are covered, as well as the regulations governing overhead cranes and safe rigging practices.This 7 hour online course covers OSHA regulations, the use and inspection of slings, rigging hardware, load weight and other areas critical to understanding and operating a safe job site. This course is recommended for all employees who are working within the fall zone of a load and especially if they are involved in the hooking and unhooking of the load or in the guiding of a load.Level 1 certification training program combines in-class content with practical experience. Students receive classroom theory and hands on practical training including calculating load weights, finding load center of gravity, rigging loads and making actual crane lifts giving direction to the crane operator.The goal of the Level 1 training program is to equip you for a safe career as a knowledgeable and confident rigger.Crane and hoisting hand signalsLoad weight estimationLocation of the load center of gravityRigging hardware and appropriate usesRigging hardware inspection and rejection criteriaUse of rigging tables to select appropriate hardware for hoistingSling angle capacity calculationCare and storage of rigging hardwareCommon hazards and safety around cranes and overhead hoistsLift planning and advanced topics awarenessAlberta regulations regarding employee, employer responsibilitiesAlberta regulations regarding crane safety, rigging safetyHazard assessment model to overhead crane safetyOverhead crane inspection requirementsSafe rigging practicesRigging inspection and rejection criteriaSling angles and the effect of sling angles on lifting capacityEye-bolt safety practicesHitch types and limitationsDetailed load calculation including sling angles, wire rope strengths, etc.Hands on overhead crane and rigging inspectionApplication of learned knowledge to safely perform lift with overhead crane