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This beginning cooking and chef course introduces students to the equipment found in professional kitchens and methods for preparing quality food. Students learn basic cooking terms and procedures for preparing meals for large numbers of people.You can do a diploma course in culinary arts or hotel & hospitality management after your high school to get into the culinary world. However, a formal Bachelor degree is always advantageousThe Culinary Arts major is popularly considered the official “chef” cooking program. Within Culinary Arts programs there are specialty distinctions like Culinary Arts–Pastry/Baking and others. Whatever your chosen emphasis, the focus is on learning practical skills that will be applied in the kitchen.The capital investment in facilities and equipment is significant. In top rated schools you have chef instructors who are not only masters in their field such as baking and pastry arts or garde manger, but are educators who understand and follow good practices in Vocational Education.To cook like a Chef or start your new career you have to plan because as a wise chef once said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. This module will show you how to Devise the Menu, Source Recipes, Source Ingredients, Have the right Equipment in place; Dish Presentation for eye appeal and introduce you to our Workplan and Work Schedule to make sure the dishes for the planned food event are delivered how and when due for memorable food experiences. Leading on from Module 3, it introduces the basics of texture, flavour and eye appeal to apply to the Institute’s recipe development principles of Choose It, Accompany It, Dress It, Show It and the related arts of Marinading, Seasoning and Finishing a dish. You can then start to build your Library of Workplans to perfect dishes each time you cook them.With passion for food you also need a commitment to ingredient quality as any dish is as good as its components, how it is prepared and cooked. This Module is all about ingredients to build your knowledge on:The Different Food Categories;How to Choose for best quality;How to Store each food item to maintain quality and life, andHow to Prepare ingredients.This Module also includes Health & Safety applicable to various ingredients and how to avoid health issues. With this knowledge you will develop your skills to select the most appropriate combination of ingredients to complement or contrast for planned food consumption events and set you up for the next Module. It’s been absolutely amazing from the teachers that I have met, to the friends I’ve made; I really couldn’t have asked for a better time with HTMi Switzerland Dubai. HTMi is one of the best institutes for culinary arts. I can definitely vouch for that because there are excellent lectures, great interaction sessions, challenging projects, and also friendly staff always ready to help you. The best part of my studies was the practical lessons which was the hands-on experience with chef-instructors who taught me so much. Additionally, the program created a solid foundation to be successful in the culinary arts industry. I feel like the program has helped me create a better sense of confidence in myself and helped me polish up my abilities and techniques, as a result, I landed myself a full-time position at restaurant called 99 in Abu Dhabi as an executive chef.

Course Contents

Basic IntroductionFood and NutritionKitchen HygieneBalance DietFruit and Vegetable CarvingBakingAsian CuisineChinese CuisineContinentals CuisineFast FoodsSoups & SaladsBeverages & CocktailsDessertsCutting Patterns & Presentations

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