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International college Of Technical Education Offer Diploma in information techonogy (DIT) in Rawalpindi Taxila Wah 03115193625 Best Diploma in information techonogy (DIT) in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan professional traning Diploma in information techonogy (DIT) in Rawalpindi Islamabad Taxila Wah 03354176949 Admission open for boys and girls new session started coming soon. Certification acceptable in government jobs and worldwide UK, USA CANADA CHINA JAPAN SAUDIA DUBAI MUSCAT BAHRAIN KUWAIT QUTAR.CCTV Systems:– Introduction and uses. Elements of a basic CCTV system:- Camera, monitor and digital recorder. Camera types and uses:- Fixed and movable, indoor and outdoor, monochrome and colour, day and night. Camera specifications:- Sensitivity, signal to noise ratio and resolution

Certification in Information Technology – CIT is the renowned training and most effective program. … The Program covers the Introduction of Information Technology, where basics and computer hardware and Networking program are being coveredStudents will develop a broad understanding in all areas of Information Technology. Students will be introduced to computer hardware and software concepts, infrastructure, software development and databases. Students will also learn hardware and software installation, basic network connectivity, identification and prevention of basic security risks. This course will prepare students for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ certification examCovers aspects of hardware support relating to personal computers (PCs), including system troubleshooting, configuring and maintain PCs, mobile devices, networking and security forensics. Prepares the student for the CompTIA A+ Core exams. (2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)Install, configure and maintain operating system software and implement security forensics. Learn to diagnose, resolve, and document common software issues. Understand proper customer support and basic scripting. Prepares the student for the CompTIA A+ Core exams. (2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)Covers advanced system maintenance with emphasis on maintaining and repairing computers, data recovery, system restore, cabling, soldering, malicious software detection and removal. Prerequisite: Computer and Information Technology 1111 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent and Computer and Information Technology 1112 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or CompTIA A+ Certification or consent of instructor. (1 lecture hour, 2 lab hours)Introduction to fundamentals of networking. Highlighting practical and conceptual skills required to understand current and emerging technologies. Outlining basic networking technologies including OSI model, TCP/IP model, networking devices, media types, and network addressing schemes. Basic configuration of routers and switches. Preparation for Cisco CCNA Certification. Completion of Computer and Information Technology 1120 or equivalent is recommended prior to enrollment. (2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)

Have you passed 10th standard? Are you interested in pursuing a good IT (Information Technology) certification course? If yes, this article will be of help to you! Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) course.How’s this article of help to me, you may ask. Here, you will find everything you need to know about Certificate in IT course. This article covers topics such as – course details, duration, eligibility criteria, admission process, syllabus, careers and salary details.As the name suggests, this course is related to IT (Information Technology). IT deals with the storage, transfer, retrieval, security and manipulation of data/information. For performing these tasks, we use IT systems.CIT is an entry level IT course. It deals with the basics of Information Technology. The main aim of this program is to train students and familiarize them with the basics of IT.colleges that offer certificate in information technology Pakistan Punjab university institute of computer sciences free online certification communication,certificate information technology notes iv jobs ryerson management how to become an consultant with pictures,guide information technology certificate download course outline business jobs in risk management,masters degree in information technology executive post graduate certificate management online risk,higher certificate in information technology jobs web based and multimedia applications 3 2 online,certificate information technology course outline in Pakistan online Punjab masters of,uni enrol college certificate information technology Canada courses in Pakistan health online,graduate certificate information technology management institute of computer sciences free online certification iv jobs in Pakistan,certificate information technology notes state in 2 online course ignou,certificate iv information technology online networking certification in 6 month labs.Information Technology (IT) career prospects continue to point to an increasing demand for qualified people in this field. Many of our potential students are professionals and people in the workforce who are seeking ways to better adapt to a changing work environment where IT is now prevalent; others are students who recognize the added value that IT brings to their professional interests and fields of expertise. The certificate has been designed with these people in mind.The Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) is an introductory program into the information systems discipline. It covers fundamental concepts and operation into the technology and operation of modern information systems. It focuses on techniques, tools and methods used today in the development and use of computer-based applications. The program will be offered to non-College of Management or non-Degree seeking students.

CIT Course Contents:Computer HardwareBasics of programmingBasics of SoftwareBasics of NetworkingInternet TechnologyBasics of Database managementMultimediaBasics of Information System


course duration=6 month

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