Advanced Course of Designing & Installation of CCTV Surveillance System

Course Title : Extreme CCTV Commissioning, Designing & Installation Course

Target Audience : Installation, Service Technicians, Project Managers Etc…

Prerequisites : Basic computer skills (Optional)
Objectives : Upon successful completion of this course the participant should be able to:

• Understand basic and Advance CCTV Surveillance fundamentals

• Understand visible light spectrum as it applies to CCTV and methods of light compensation

• Identify major optical parts of CCTV cameras

• Understand lens and Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) concepts and functions

• Can navigate camera menus and programs

• Understand infrared concepts and detection techniques

• Specify the correct night vision product for the job and the correct capture device for a license plate application

• Identify Infrared Illuminators and License Plate capture devices

• Install/Use software CMS, RMS, VMS, Video Analytical etc…

• Programming and commission cameras

• Designing Execution & Deployment of CCTV Surveillance Projects

• Installation and configuring IP Cameras and NVRS

• Router configuration and Port Forwarding

• Can Troubleshoot System and Repair All Equipments

Duration : Months Mon to Friday

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