Ac Technician Professional Course in Bagh Muzaffarabad,Ac Technician Professional Course in Rawalpindi Chakwal Attock,international college of technical education in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,best ac technician professional course in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,AC and Refrigeration has become part of everybody’s life right from top corporate business house, storage business , restaurants , individual homes . Most homes, workplaces, and dining or entertainment spots have refrigeration and air conditioning. Most also have refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers . The AC and Refrigeration technician is trained to design, install, and service air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment in business , residential and light commercial offices . There is an obvious need for qualified technicians in this field, and the industry is focused on keeping people comfortable. The A/C and refrigeration industry is one of the most demanding industry In order to accomplish work completion in the given time frame it takes a dedicated person who is willing to set goals and work hard.Basic Electronics – Electricity concepts , Active and Passive Electronic components working and troubleshooting.Electricity – Single phase , 3 phase concepts , current , voltage and power rating concepts , HP , KW and Current Unit calculations·Electrical control panel , valves , pressure gauge , circuit breaker , isolator , fuse and switcher , electrical and electronics meters·Introduction to AC & Refrigeration systems , their usage.Introduction to Refrigeration cycle , Identification of Refrigeration cycle and components , high medium and low temperature application machine , Refrigeration piping concepts , identification of tubes , pipes , joints , lubricant , refrigerant gas cylinder and its use.· Differents elements of a refrigerator – Compressor , condensor , evaporator , Expansion valve , Refrigerant and other related elements.· Function of Condenser , types of condensors and working concepts.· Function of Compressor , Working concepts and typesFunction of Evaporator , working concepts and typesThermal insulation and typesWorking with electrical , electronic and pneumatic controlsMotors used in refrigeration and air conditioning system, types, constructionIntroduction to domestic and industrial refrigeration and airconditioning.Airconditioners – Domestic – Windows & Split , Commerical AirconditionersTypes of Air Conditioning Systems – Window Air Conditioner , Split Air Conditioner , Packaged Air Conditioner , Packaged Air Conditioners with Air Cooled Condensers , & Water Cooled Condenser , Central Air Conditioning Plants·Diiferent types of Multi type Indoor units and outdoor units in commercial airconditioners , Ceiling Mounted Cassette type , Compact Multiflowtype , Duction Type , Suspended type , floor standing typesServicing and maintenance of Windows AC ,Testing the mechanical and electrical system for fault rectification and Installation of Window AC· Servicing and maintenance of Split AC Safety Aspects , leak testing , evacuation , gas charging , testing the performance , Installation of Split A/CWindows & Split A/C , Advanced troubleshooting procedures , maintenance proceduresRefrigerator types – Single Door , Multidoor ,Side by side , Bottom freezer type , Digital inverter technology based refrigeratorsRefrigerator Servicing , Troubleshooting and Maintenance – Handling gas cylinders , repair of leaky cylinder , to charge the refrigeration oil and re move oil , Testing evaporator coils for leak , choke & repairing and cleaning of fins , testing condenser coils for leak , choke and repairing , Electrical Wiring of airconditoner and refrigerator systems – compress motor with relays , controls , lights ,faults and remedies system , Refrigerator mechanical and electrical faults and their remedies