Installment Plan 3 Bed D/D & 2 Bed D/D Flats3 Bed D/Dinstallment plan sq. ft :: 1435Down payment ::: 3,000,000On Digging :::: 1,000,000installment monthly :::: 108,333 x 48 On possession ::: 1,000,000Total Amount :::: 10,200,0002 Bed D/Dinstallment plan sq. ft :: 1100Down payment ::: 2300,000On Digging :::: 750,000installment monthly :::: 83333 x 48 On possession ::: 760,000Total Amount :::: 7,810,000FEATURES. Bahria Town Karachi is a master-planned gated community which promises the international standards of infrastructure and state-of-the-art amenities to its residents. Here are some of the features of Bahria Town Karachi• World class security with 24/7 Surveillance• Commercial areas, Gold-Class cinemas, International standard hospitals• State-of- the-art sports facilities, Community sports club & Zoo• World-class schools, colleges and International University• International theme park, Play-land and water-rides• Monuments of Wonders of the world like Eiffel Tower, Taj-Mahal and Statue of Liberty• Grand Jamia Mosque with capacity of about 1 million• 5-star international hotel & USGA standard golf course• Grid station & telephone-exchange• Transport system from Bahria Town to City Centre• 100 % backup power (No Load-shedding